Frequent scratching is one sign of allergic itch, but there are other telltale signs. We’re giving you $30 off your next allergy consultation!


Let’s fix the itch.

There is nothing worse than watching your pet suffer in discomfort. Dermatology issues can be frustrating and complex, and we’re here to help your pet feel better during allergy season and beyond.

The more we know about itch, the better informed we’ll be to treat it.

Sharing your dog’s itch history is critical to uncovering the underlying cause of itch and the proper course of action.

  • Where is your dog itchy?
  • How itchy is your dog on a scale of 0-100 (0 indicating a normal dog and 100 indicating extremely severe itching)?
  • How long and how often has your dog been itchy? Are there certain times of the year your dog is itchy (duration, seasonality, etc.)?
  • What have you already tried to relieve the itch?
  • What are you using for flea control?

Frequent Licking

Excessive Rolling

Recurrent Ear issues

Hair Loss

Body Odor

Skin Changes

Are you ready to get to the bottom of your pet’s allergy issues?

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